Be Credible So You Can Be Incredible: Establishing Yourself as an Authority with Mike Saunders (Ep. 14)

Be Credible So You Can Be Incredible: Establishing Yourself as an Authority with Mike Saunders (Ep. 14)

Does your audience pay close attention when they see your name on a presentation, workshop, or meeting agenda? Do potential clients perceive you as a credible subject matter expert when they search for your name online?

To answer “yes” to both questions, it’s imperative to proactively establish yourself as a respected authority in your industry — solidifying your reputation and expertise to command attention, gain trust and drive meaningful connections with your audience. 

In this episode, Lara Galloway engages in an illuminating discussion with Mike Saunders, a best-selling author, business coach and authority positioning expert. Together, they reveal powerful and practical strategies that financial advisors can implement right away to establish themselves as trusted authorities in their industry. By leveraging their expertise, these techniques allow advisors to forge deeper connections with clients and prospects, ultimately leading to greater success and a thriving business. 

Get ready to discover a wealth of knowledge in this episode as you learn how to:

  • Establish an evergreen digital footprint through the creation of “authority positioning assets”
  • Boost your content marketing efforts with maximum impact and minimal time investment
  • Leverage client interactions as invaluable opportunities to boost credibility and strengthen client relationships
  • Harness authority positioning to establish yourself as a recognized expert to make it effortless for clients to refer and advocate for you
  • And more!

Take advantage of the chance to transform your business and become a trusted authority in your industry. Tune in now to gain the insights you need for success!


Connect with Mike Saunders: 

About our Guest: 

Mike Saunders, MBA, is a speaker, a best-selling author of four books, and a successful business coach and authority positioning expert. He is an adjunct marketing professor at several Universities and is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council – an invitation-only community for the World’s Most Influential Business and Career Coaches.

Through his podcast, Influential Entrepreneurs with Mike Saunders, MBA, Mike has interviewed hundreds of industry experts and thought leaders. As an Authority Marketing Strategist, Mike helps business owners build their authority and expertise to enhance their competitive advantage. He is passionate about empowering financial professionals to become THE Trusted Advisor with indestructible authority with a done-for-you Authority Positioning Portfolio® of permanent assets on the world’s most powerful platforms.

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