Month: February 2023

Woman and Finance: Shattering the Glass Ceiling with Sheryl Hickerson (Ep. 10)

Woman and Finance: Shattering the Glass Ceiling with Sheryl Hickerson (Ep. 10)

Despite progress in recent years, the financial services industry remains a challenging environment for women due to its male-dominated nature. But Sheryl Hickerson took action to break down these barriers by creating Females and Finance. 

With a community of over 4,100 members, her organization is revolutionizing the industry through its mission to make financial services a more welcoming profession for women. Hickerson’s unwavering dedication to empowering female professionals has forever changed the lives of many.

In this episode, Lara Galloway is joined by Sheryl to discuss how she has paved her way in this industry as an entrepreneur, networker, educator, and leader and how the community she built from the ground up is inspiring change.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The inspiring story behind Females and Finance
  • The most significant voids in the industry and why addressing them is critical
  • Lessons learned from leading the community
  • Actionable strategies for supporting women in the industry
  • And much more!

Connect with Sheryl Hickerson:

About our Guest: 

An award-winning, international speaker on social and digital marketing strategies for financial services organizations, Sheryl Hickerson founded Females and Finance, a private online membership organization supporting women in financial services and financial technology. Their industry rally cry called The Fearless Pledge was introduced in 2022 to support the hiring, mentoring, training, and advancement of 100,000 women in the profession by 2025.

Membership today is more than 4,100 professionals with no signs of letting up. After 30 years in financial services, Sheryl has dedicated her professional life to promoting better networking and diversity initiatives within the financial services community.

The Harbor Pilot Analogy: Your Role in Navigating the Waters of Retirement With Frank Maselli (Ep. 9)

The Harbor Pilot Analogy: Your Role in Navigating the Waters of Retirement With Frank Maselli (Ep. 9)

Analogies are a powerful tool that can be used to simplify and enhance your clients’ understanding of complex subjects. 

This week’s guest, a financial industry specialist, keynote speaker, and coach, Frank Maselli, shares the Harbor Pilot Paradigm — a memorable analogy he crafted that highlights an advisor’s role as a specialist guide for the retirement journey. 

Listen in as Frank explains how the role of a harbor pilot, guiding ships through dangerous waters until they reach safe harbor, directly relates to the work financial advisors do for their clients. He provides a detailed overview of the analogy and resources for advisors looking to bring fresh and relatable perspectives to their clients and prospects. 

In this episode, Frank delves into:

  • The importance of using analogies to effectively communicate complex financial concepts to clients
  • The benefits of using the Harbor Pilot Analogy
  • Practical tips and tools for incorporating the Harbor Pilot Analogy into workshops, seminars, and one-on-one client meetings
  • The origin of his inspiration for this unique concept
  • .…And more!

Don’t miss out on this valuable insight from Frank Maselli. Tune in now!


Connect with Frank Maselli:

About our Guest: 

Frank Maselli is a 3X best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and coach in the financial services industry.

For over thirty years, Frank has helped thousands of financial professionals grow and enjoy their businesses with modern skills that resonate with today’s clients. His programs are founded on a deep expertise in human psychology, and he is renowned for his cutting-edge thinking and electrifying delivery.

Currently, Frank speaks nationally at every level, from branch offices to stadium-sized meetings. He also offers one-on-one customized coaching and serves as one of White Glove’s Premier Coaches.