Estate Planning: A Bridge to the Next Generation with Chris Hall (Ep. 27)

Estate Planning: A Bridge to the Next Generation with Chris Hall (Ep. 27)

Today, we highlight a parallel between the past and the present, where financial advisors initially hesitated to delve into tax matters because they weren’t accountants, just as they are now hesitant to venture into estate planning due to the misconception that they must be lawyers.  

The financial advisory industry has been traditionally slow to embrace change. However, firms are gradually realizing the necessity of offering estate planning services to their clients. This shift reflects a growing recognition of the untapped potential within the topic.

Our guest, Chris Hall, Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Estate Guru, believes estate planning can serve as a powerful bridge to establish connections and ensure the continuity of financial advisory relationships within families. What’s more, with Estate Guru’s software, financial advisors can confidently rely on legal expertise throughout the process.

Join us as we explore building enduring relationships with the next generation of clients and how advisors can differentiate themselves in the business. 

In this episode, you’ll gain valuable insights into: 

  • Building relationships with the next gen
  • Changing dynamics in financial advisory
  • Addressing the estate planning gap in financial advisors’ practices
  • Navigating the beneficiary predicament and the great wealth transfer
  • And more!


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About our Guest:

Chris Hall heads up strategic partnerships and business development for this industry leading cloud based legal solution. In his current role with the team at Estate Guru, he is on a mission to provide access to quality legal assistance for the masses. The goal is to leverage today’s powerful technology in combination with the still very important human element.

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