Month: October 2022

Advocating for Financial Advisors: A Talk With Larry Roth (Ep. 2)

Advocating for Financial Advisors: A Talk With Larry Roth (Ep. 2)

Technology is changing the way advisors must communicate and connect with their clients. How are you keeping up with this growing digital-demand?

We’re back with another episode of the FAST Podcast – Financial Advisor Strategy Talks. 

This week we’re featuring Larry Roth, White Glove’s Interim CEO and board member, a managing partner at RLR Strategic Partners, and an accomplished investment banker and entrepreneur. Larry shares thoughtful insight on the financial service industry’s changing landscape and how advisors can expect to harness and deepen client relations through new digital means. 

Larry discusses: 

  • How technology is changing the way advisors must connect with clients and how to adapt your business model to the new digital-era
  • How consistent engagement with your clients can bring big results to your business
  • Why providing holistic financial advice increases your business valuation 
  • What he has seen as some of the biggest growth opportunities in the industry
  • …And so much more!

Connect with Larry Roth: 

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About our Guest:  

Larry Roth is managing partner of RLR Strategic Partners Consultancy and M&A advisory firm affiliated with Berkshire Global Advisors. Larry serves RLR’s clients by leveraging the expertise and relationships built over time as a CEO of some of the largest independent firms in the industry, including AIG advisor group and Cetara Financial Group. He’s a current and past board member of widely respected public and private entities, an investment banker who has structured dozens of value, creating transactions and an entrepreneur who has personally acquired early stage retail, financial advice, businesses, and grown them to achieve highly successful liquidity events. Currently Larry serves as a board member of White Glove and interim CEO.

Advisors, Get Ready to Learn the Tips You Need To Grow Your Business with Lara Galloway (Ep.1)

Advisors, Get Ready to Learn the Tips You Need To Grow Your Business with Lara Galloway (Ep.1)

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the FAST Podcast — Financial Advisor Strategy Talks with 

Lara Galloway, head of advisor education programs at White Glove.

This week, Lara highlights her years of experience as a trainer, educator, and coach while detailing her role at White Glove as a subject matter expert. Lara shares the firm’s mission in helping and educating advisors to succeed and grow their business from gaining new leads to keeping current clients engaged and everything in between.

Lara discusses: 

  • The beginnings of White Glove and what is its primary purpose
  • The value of podcasts and their role in helping advisors grow and maintain their business 
  • Reasons she’s so passionate about educating others
  • The digitalization of the financial advising industry
  • Must-know advice for advisors looking to expand and develop their practice 
  • Her definition of success  
  • And more!


Connect with Lara Galloway: 

 About Your Host: 

Education is at the core of every role in Lara Galloway’s career. From 12 years of experience running her own coaching and consulting business to her role as SVP of Financial Education at White Glove, Lara dedicates her life to educating others to help them meet their personal and professional goals.

At White Glove, Lara drives the growth and development of Enlighten 567’s financial wellness program — designed to bring free financial education to families across the United States. She’s also passionate about helping advisors excel by delivering valuable resources that allow them to expand their education and continuously learn new strategies for growth.