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Simplifying Finance: Transforming Complex Concepts into Tangible Asset Maps with Alison Susko (Ep. 20)

Simplifying Finance: Transforming Complex Concepts into Tangible Asset Maps with Alison Susko (Ep. 20)

Advisors strive to provide their clients with valuable and accurate financial guidance, but occasionally, the information they present fails to strike a chord with the end client. While financial advisors may find themselves enthusiastic about showcasing charts and graphs depicting products and returns, clients often require something more tangible and easily understandable to truly grasp their financial situation. 

In this episode, Lara is joined by Alison Susko, Vice President of Community at Asset Map. Drawing from her extensive 15 years in the financial technology industry, Alison brings a wealth of knowledge to this discussion.

Together, Lara and Alison emphasize breaking down intricate concepts and transforming them into a concise Asset Map for your clients. Alison elucidates how creating a discovery questionnaire empowers you to achieve the equivalent of a third meeting with your client during the very first encounter. Gathering essential information about a client before the first meeting not only enhances productivity, but also establishes trust quickly and enables potential clients to assess whether you are the perfect fit for their needs right from the start. 

In this episode, you’ll learn key concepts on: 

  • Simplifying complex financial topics to make them easily digestible for clients
  • Pivoting from educator to advisor with proven tactics
  • Creating a comfort level between advisor and client
  • An exclusive invitation to White Glove’s Annual Host University — an extraordinary event that promises to transform your marketing perspective
  • And more!


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About our Guest: 

Alison Susko is VP of Community at Asset Map, a financial technology firm dedicated to creating engaging visual communication tools used throughout the customer and advisor journey. 

Alison has been working in the financial technology industry for over 15 years specializing in Account Management, Training and Partnership Development/Growth. 

Before joining Asset Map in 2018, she worked at eMoney Advisor where she oversaw Account Development and Enterprise Relationships and Docupace Technologies where she created and ran their Training Department.