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Strategic Hiring for Financial Advisors with Jon Duncan (Ep. 30)

Strategic Hiring for Financial Advisors with Jon Duncan (Ep. 30)

This episode is tailored for financial advisors seeking to build their team with the right sub reps. The biggest mistake? Relying solely on personality when hiring, rather than digging into long-term goals, knowledge and cultural compatibility. 

Joining us today is Jonathon Duncan, Co-Founder and President at Advisor Seekers, who reveals the key mistakes advisors make when recruiting, highlighting the importance of self-evaluation and understanding both your own value proposition and the qualities you truly need in a sub rep. 

Jon focuses on helping advisors identify their firm’s unique value proposition. By grasping what distinguishes their business, advisors can adeptly convey this to potential hires, attracting sub reps whose goals align with the firm’s mission. The overarching message of the episode is a call for clarity in the hiring process — encouraging advisors to figure out precisely what they are looking for, know where they are headed, and, most importantly, not compromise on their criteria. 

In this episode, you’ll learn key concepts on: 

  • Showcasing your firm’s unique value proposition
  • Pinpointing your firm’s specific needs
  • Prioritizing fit over mere charisma in the hiring process
  • And more!


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About our Guest:

A veteran recruiter in the wealth management space, Jon has a reputation for building lasting relationships with financial professionals and executive leaders across the country. His deep understanding of the financial industry and down-to-earth approach enables him to build the level of trust it takes to find and place top-tier talent.