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Woman and Finance: Shattering the Glass Ceiling with Sheryl Hickerson (Ep. 10)

Woman and Finance: Shattering the Glass Ceiling with Sheryl Hickerson (Ep. 10)

Despite progress in recent years, the financial services industry remains a challenging environment for women due to its male-dominated nature. But Sheryl Hickerson took action to break down these barriers by creating Females and Finance. 

With a community of over 4,100 members, her organization is revolutionizing the industry through its mission to make financial services a more welcoming profession for women. Hickerson’s unwavering dedication to empowering female professionals has forever changed the lives of many.

In this episode, Lara Galloway is joined by Sheryl to discuss how she has paved her way in this industry as an entrepreneur, networker, educator, and leader and how the community she built from the ground up is inspiring change.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The inspiring story behind Females and Finance
  • The most significant voids in the industry and why addressing them is critical
  • Lessons learned from leading the community
  • Actionable strategies for supporting women in the industry
  • And much more!

Connect with Sheryl Hickerson:

About our Guest: 

An award-winning, international speaker on social and digital marketing strategies for financial services organizations, Sheryl Hickerson founded Females and Finance, a private online membership organization supporting women in financial services and financial technology. Their industry rally cry called The Fearless Pledge was introduced in 2022 to support the hiring, mentoring, training, and advancement of 100,000 women in the profession by 2025.

Membership today is more than 4,100 professionals with no signs of letting up. After 30 years in financial services, Sheryl has dedicated her professional life to promoting better networking and diversity initiatives within the financial services community.

The Harbor Pilot Analogy: Your Role in Navigating the Waters of Retirement With Frank Maselli (Ep. 9)

The Harbor Pilot Analogy: Your Role in Navigating the Waters of Retirement With Frank Maselli (Ep. 9)

Analogies are a powerful tool that can be used to simplify and enhance your clients’ understanding of complex subjects. 

This week’s guest, a financial industry specialist, keynote speaker, and coach, Frank Maselli, shares the Harbor Pilot Paradigm — a memorable analogy he crafted that highlights an advisor’s role as a specialist guide for the retirement journey. 

Listen in as Frank explains how the role of a harbor pilot, guiding ships through dangerous waters until they reach safe harbor, directly relates to the work financial advisors do for their clients. He provides a detailed overview of the analogy and resources for advisors looking to bring fresh and relatable perspectives to their clients and prospects. 

In this episode, Frank delves into:

  • The importance of using analogies to effectively communicate complex financial concepts to clients
  • The benefits of using the Harbor Pilot Analogy
  • Practical tips and tools for incorporating the Harbor Pilot Analogy into workshops, seminars, and one-on-one client meetings
  • The origin of his inspiration for this unique concept
  • .…And more!

Don’t miss out on this valuable insight from Frank Maselli. Tune in now!


Connect with Frank Maselli:

About our Guest: 

Frank Maselli is a 3X best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and coach in the financial services industry.

For over thirty years, Frank has helped thousands of financial professionals grow and enjoy their businesses with modern skills that resonate with today’s clients. His programs are founded on a deep expertise in human psychology, and he is renowned for his cutting-edge thinking and electrifying delivery.

Currently, Frank speaks nationally at every level, from branch offices to stadium-sized meetings. He also offers one-on-one customized coaching and serves as one of White Glove’s Premier Coaches.

Success After Succession: Maximizing the Value of Your Business (Ep. 8)

Success After Succession: Maximizing the Value of Your Business (Ep. 8)

Although the advisory business has been around for many years, the concept of true succession planning has not been. Many advisors treat it like an event as opposed to a plan, but the process must be thoughtful, deliberate, and focused on maximizing value and on the client.

In our latest episode, we delve into the importance of preparing for the eventual transition of leadership and how it can mean the difference between the continued success or failure of your business long after you step down.

Join us as we discuss succession planning with our special guest Phillip Ackers, an expert in the field with over 35 years of experience. Phillip, Founder, and Principal at Lakeshore Performance Limited will share his knowledge on the essential elements of a strong succession plan and the key steps advisors should take to ensure they maximize the value of their business. 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • How to incorporate a comprehensive succession plan into your practice and why it’s crucial for long-term success
  • The importance of shifting away from a transactional approach
  • The consequences of neglecting succession planning and how to safeguard your business from potential risks
  • And more!

Connect with Phillip Ackers: 

About Phillip Ackers: 

Phil is the principal and founder of Lakeshore Performance Limited – a company focused on helping firms and advisors address their key issues and challenges.  

With over 35 years in the financial services industry, Phil has worked with firms and advisors in Canada and the U.S., helping them unlock their potential. Phil has worked with advisors focused on developing both their insurance and wealth businesses right through to those who are in the private bank.

Phil is a CPA and has his MBA, which assists in applying a pragmatic and business lens focused on creating efficiencies and profitability.

Building a Better Client Experience for Women Investors with Todd Fithian (Ep. 7)

Building a Better Client Experience for Women Investors with Todd Fithian (Ep. 7)

Women are accumulating more and more wealth at a faster pace than ever before. Despite this, a recent study shows that women are still vastly underserved in the financial community.

In this episode of the FAST podcast, our featured guest is Todd Fithian, Co-Founder, and CEO of The Legacy Companies, a revolutionary training and coaching organization focused on advisor growth. Todd discusses the psychology and strategies of client relationship growth, specifically with women investors, and how advisors can grow their business by leveraging the changing marketplace. Todd shares how advisors can effectively engage with women clientele, remove gender stereotypes, and empower women to invest more confidently.

Todd and Lara discuss:

  • The impact women are making on the financial landscape 
  • What advisors can do to create a more supportive environment for women
  • Why focusing on women clientele is essential to your business
  • And more!


Connect with Lara Galloway: 

Connect with Todd: 

About Todd: 

Todd Fithian has nearly three decades of experience in the financial services industry. Following in the footsteps of three generations, Todd knew at an early age his calling was not only to work in the industry as an advisor but to work to improve it as well. A lifelong entrepreneur, Todd formed his own wealth advisory firm in Boston soon after graduating from college. In 1996 he joined forces with his late Brother Scott to form The Legacy Companies, an industry-leading training and coaching organization focused on advisor growth.

Today, as the CEO of Legacy, Todd provides the VISION and LEADERSHIP for his team.  Under his direction, Legacy has revolutionized how advisors engage and serve their clients using Legacy’s trademarked approach that allows advisors to discover WHAT matters most to clients and WHY it’s important, before jumping into HOW to solve it.  Fithian calls these Above the Horizon™ Conversations and has trained and coached thousands of financial advisors across the United States and Canada in deploying these approaches to drive measurable growth.

Turning Your Online Testimonials into an Evergreen Source of Digital Referrals with Brian Thorp (Ep. 6)

Turning Your Online Testimonials into an Evergreen Source of Digital Referrals with Brian Thorp (Ep. 6)

With the new SEC Marketing Rule in effect, online reviews will now play an influential and growing role in the decision-making process among consumers preparing to hire financial advisors. 

In this episode hosted by Lara Galloway, featuring Brian Thorp, founder of Wealthtender, you will learn how advisors can successfully and compliantly get started with testimonial marketing to grow their business. Whether you’re SEC or state-registered, your questions will be answered with guidance on how you can make the most of this historic opportunity if you have the green light and suggestions on how to compete on an uneven playing field if you don’t.

3 Learning Objectives or Takeaways for Advisors from this Podcast: 

  • The importance of establishing effective policies and procedures for testimonials and the tools and resources available to assist in their preparation
  • Understanding the pros, cons, benefits, and risks of collecting and promoting testimonials on various online review platforms, and/or your own advisory firm website
  • Gain practical and proven ideas for tactfully collecting and thoughtfully promoting testimonials to compliantly grow your business, including tips for delivering even more effective seminars and webinars

Wealthtender Promo:

When you visit Wealthtender as an advisor, you’ll find a lot of great information out there to learn more about the various benefits that are available to advisors in our community.

If you sign up with the code glove we’re happy to offer 50% off the first two months for any advisors that are listening to this podcast.


Connect with Lara Galloway: 

Connect with Brian Thorp: 

About Brian: 

Brian Thorp is the founder and CEO of Wealthtender, an industry-leading digital marketing service dedicated to helping financial advisors get more clients online at an affordable monthly cost. Brian founded Wealthtender in 2019 after a 22-year career with Invesco where he led the US national account team responsible for wealth management firm partnerships representing over $100 Billion in assets under management. 

On a personal note, Brian and his wife call Houston, Texas home, though their digital nomad lifestyle experiments have taken them to Mexico, Miami, and their next step — Santa Monica. 

Double Your Business in Three Years or Less (Ep. 5)

Double Your Business in Three Years or Less (Ep. 5)

Not just any advisor can double their business in 3 years or less. 

Are you willing to find out what it takes?

In this week’s episode, we sit down with industry expert and managing partner at Advice2Advisors, Dan Collison, to discuss what it takes for advisors to achieve this goal.

Dan shares a comprehensive look at the measuring tools used in vetting the advisors he works with and the methodologies top producers in North America have used to gain success.

Dan and Lara discuss:

  • Proven tools for measuring character strengths and grit
  • The 3 confidences of top producers 
  • Setting a growth plan and the four methodologies of prospecting
  • The science of referability


Website: Advice2Advisors 

Connect with Client: 

LinkedIn: Daniel Collison 

About our Guest: 

Dan has over thirty years of experience in the financial services industry, having worked for many years as a practitioner. His primary focus and passion has been on the education and development of financial advisors with a specific emphasis on ensuring a comprehensive, holistic approach to financial planning. Dan has developed and delivered hundreds of programs for training, mentoring, and coaching advisors of all tenure – using a combination of positive psychology coaching and goal-centered coaching. He regularly presents seminars and keynote addresses to prospects, clients, advisors, and management teams. Dan teaches Personal Financial Management in the MBA Program at Schulich School of Business, York University, and is the acclaimed author of The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Excellence, Carswell Publishing. His forthcoming book, Building Bigger & Better: Growth Strategies of Top-Producing Financial Advisors, will be out early next year.  

Busy Was Killing Me with Allyson Lewis (Ep. 3)

Busy Was Killing Me with Allyson Lewis (Ep. 3)

What does “being busy” mean to you? 

Being busy is worn by many like a badge of honor, but does it actually produce the results we set out for? Or, is there a better way?

In this week’s episode, Lara brings on our guest Allyson Lewis, CEO and founder of The 7 Minute Life, a step-by-step productivity and time management program, and a globally recognized author and speaker, as she shares three proven strategies for success in productivity and time management.

As a time strategy and productivity expert with 30 years of experience in the financial service industry including 24 years with Morgan Stanley, Allyson figures out what changes are needed and works with individuals, teams, companies, and entrepreneurs sharing groundbreaking strategies revolutionizing corporate cultures.

Today Allyson is sharing those insights with listeners.

Allyson discusses: 

  • The value of time and how to leverage your day even with limited hours 
  • How to have a clear compelling story that relates to clients
  • How to be intentional about reaching your highest human potential
  • Where “The 7 Minute Life” idea originated from


Connect with Allyson Lewis: 

Connect with Lara Galloway: 

About Our Guest:  

Allyson Lewis has worked in the financial services industry for 31 years Including 24 years at Morgan Stanley and seven years at Merrill. She’s the author of five books that have been translated into four languages and has sold over 130,000 copies. Her YouTube channel has over 2.1 million minutes watched and she is a globally recognized author and speaker. Allyson’s clients have included Kellogg’s, Morgan Stanley, Northern Trust, and the FBI.

She’s been a guest on CNN and Bloomberg Information TV. Her work has been seen in Investors Business Daily, Advisor Today, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Times and FAST Company.

Currently, Allyson stands as the CEO and Director of Learning and Innovation at The 7 Minute Life, a time management training company. 

Advocating for Financial Advisors: A Talk With Larry Roth (Ep. 2)

Advocating for Financial Advisors: A Talk With Larry Roth (Ep. 2)

Technology is changing the way advisors must communicate and connect with their clients. How are you keeping up with this growing digital-demand?

We’re back with another episode of the FAST Podcast – Financial Advisor Strategy Talks. 

This week we’re featuring Larry Roth, White Glove’s Interim CEO and board member, a managing partner at RLR Strategic Partners, and an accomplished investment banker and entrepreneur. Larry shares thoughtful insight on the financial service industry’s changing landscape and how advisors can expect to harness and deepen client relations through new digital means. 

Larry discusses: 

  • How technology is changing the way advisors must connect with clients and how to adapt your business model to the new digital-era
  • How consistent engagement with your clients can bring big results to your business
  • Why providing holistic financial advice increases your business valuation 
  • What he has seen as some of the biggest growth opportunities in the industry
  • …And so much more!

Connect with Larry Roth: 

Connect with Lara Galloway: 

About our Guest:  

Larry Roth is managing partner of RLR Strategic Partners Consultancy and M&A advisory firm affiliated with Berkshire Global Advisors. Larry serves RLR’s clients by leveraging the expertise and relationships built over time as a CEO of some of the largest independent firms in the industry, including AIG advisor group and Cetara Financial Group. He’s a current and past board member of widely respected public and private entities, an investment banker who has structured dozens of value, creating transactions and an entrepreneur who has personally acquired early stage retail, financial advice, businesses, and grown them to achieve highly successful liquidity events. Currently Larry serves as a board member of White Glove and interim CEO.

Advisors, Get Ready to Learn the Tips You Need To Grow Your Business with Lara Galloway (Ep.1)

Advisors, Get Ready to Learn the Tips You Need To Grow Your Business with Lara Galloway (Ep.1)

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the FAST Podcast — Financial Advisor Strategy Talks with 

Lara Galloway, head of advisor education programs at White Glove.

This week, Lara highlights her years of experience as a trainer, educator, and coach while detailing her role at White Glove as a subject matter expert. Lara shares the firm’s mission in helping and educating advisors to succeed and grow their business from gaining new leads to keeping current clients engaged and everything in between.

Lara discusses: 

  • The beginnings of White Glove and what is its primary purpose
  • The value of podcasts and their role in helping advisors grow and maintain their business 
  • Reasons she’s so passionate about educating others
  • The digitalization of the financial advising industry
  • Must-know advice for advisors looking to expand and develop their practice 
  • Her definition of success  
  • And more!


Connect with Lara Galloway: 

 About Your Host: 

Education is at the core of every role in Lara Galloway’s career. From 12 years of experience running her own coaching and consulting business to her role as SVP of Financial Education at White Glove, Lara dedicates her life to educating others to help them meet their personal and professional goals.

At White Glove, Lara drives the growth and development of Enlighten 567’s financial wellness program — designed to bring free financial education to families across the United States. She’s also passionate about helping advisors excel by delivering valuable resources that allow them to expand their education and continuously learn new strategies for growth.