Navigating Estate Planning with Care and Communication with Charles McClenaghan, Esq. (Ep. 22)

Navigating Estate Planning with Care and Communication with Charles McClenaghan, Esq. (Ep. 22)

Estate planning can be a difficult conversation to have, but it’s important to start the conversation early. Commendably, your clients have taken the step to address the inevitable topic of mortality. Recognizing the emotional weight of this discussion, you can assure your clients that while it may be daunting, crafting a well-thought-out plan is indispensable to ensure their wishes are meticulously executed in the future.  

As a legal or financial professional, one of the most impactful actions you can undertake is to initiate dialogues with your clients’ families ahead of time. By doing so, you normalize this discourse and alleviate potential discomfort for all parties involved. 

In this episode, we sit down with Charles McClenaghan, a distinguished attorney at McClenaghan Law Group, to delve into the significance of estate planning and the art of cultivating enduring relationships with your clients.  

By highlighting the value of orchestrating a family meeting, this conversation emphasizes that waiting until a moment of loss is far from ideal. The pivotal question arises: How can you encourage your clients to include their children in these discussions? How can you tackle the sensitive topic of mortality?

In this episode, you’ll learn key concepts on: 

  • Skillfully acknowledging your clients for their commitment to discussing estate planning
  • Reminding your clients that leaving a legacy of harmony rather than hardship is ideal
  • Conveying preemptive communication regarding parents’ wishes
  • Establishing early on the notion of a “lifelong relationship,” creating a foundation of trust and partnership
  • And more!


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Charles H. McClenaghan brings over 40 years of Legal, Financial and Real Estate related experience to his clients. A graduate of Ohio University, 1973 and Capital University Law School, 1979, he is a member of the Ohio State Bar Association, and the Columbus Bar Association.  

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