Exploring the Crossroads of Healthcare and Financial Management with Christine Simone (Ep. 23)

Exploring the Crossroads of Healthcare and Financial Management with Christine Simone (Ep. 23)

Healthcare and finance are two essential pillars of our society that are inextricably linked, often in ways we may not fully understand. Today, we explore the intersection of these two vital sectors.  

It’s not news that healthcare ranks high among individuals’ financial worries. After all, the saying “If I don’t have my health, I don’t have my wealth” holds a lot of truth. The costs associated with medical treatments and wellness can significantly impact our financial well-being. 

In this episode, we sit down with Christine Simone, CEO and Founder of Caribou, a software solution for the financial industry, to discuss how to slash the hidden incentives in the healthcare industry to support smarter financial decision-making. 

Understanding your health benefits is a crucial step in managing your finances wisely. By grasping the ins and outs of your healthcare coverage, you become less susceptible to overspending. But here’s the real question: How are financial professionals actively preparing for the curveballs that healthcare costs throw at us? How are they guiding their clients towards not only financial stability but also healthier lifestyles? 

In this episode, you’ll learn key concepts on: 

  • Equipping yourself with tools to initiate conversations about healthcare with clients
  • Maintaining 19 touchpoints per year to pave the way for fruitful referrals 
  • Understanding the interplay between healthcare and finance 
  • Shifting from reactive to proactive healthcare management
  • And more!


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About our Guest: 

Although she’s years away from her own retirement, Christine Simone is obsessed with helping current and future retirees plan for and optimize their healthcare costs. She’s held notable leadership positions within the healthcare industry working with key stakeholders from payers to providers to the Veterans Affairs. Now, Christine is the CEO & founder of Caribou, a software solution for the finance industry. She’s driven by her passion to slash hidden incentives in healthcare to support smarter financial decision-making, and she is within the small fraction of women founders who have raised venture capital.

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