The Ultimate Intro Meeting with Brendan Frazier (Ep. 24)

The Ultimate Intro Meeting with Brendan Frazier (Ep. 24)

Financial advisors often follow traditional methods and teachings in their profession. However, it’s crucial to recognize that the conventional approach may not always prioritize the most effective communication with clients. It’s time to shift in perspective, where advisors focus on delivering the right message and guidance to truly benefit their clients.  

The initial introduction meeting with a client is the “lifeblood” of your business. It sets the tone for your relationship and can make or break the future collaboration.

One of the biggest mistakes advisors can make is to wing it in their first intro meeting. Instead, have a clear and defined framework for guiding your conversation. 

Lara sits down with Brendan Frazier, the founder of Wired Planning, to discuss the two questions you should ask your clients during your intro meeting: What prompted this meeting? And why now?

Remember, a well-structured initial meeting can set the stage for a successful and mutually beneficial relationship. 

In this episode, you’ll learn key concepts on: 

  • Skipping the small talk for better responses and meaningful insights
  • Promoting client engagement by prompting the “3 E’s”
  • Effectively communicating your value for relevance and appeal
  • Encouraging client input for improved meeting satisfaction
  • And more!

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About our Guest: 

Brendan Frazier is the founder of Wired Planning, the host of The Human Side of Money podcast, a keynote speaker, and was named one of Investopedia’s Top 100 Financial Advisors in 2021 and 2022. He’s building a global community and training program for advisors to master the human side of advice, enhance their clients’ lives, and forever change the trajectory of their business. 

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